Coastal Canine

 Pet Waste Removal


Services & Pricing

Residential Services

Coastal Canine Pet Waste Removal will come to you and thoroughly clean your yard on a regular schedule to keep it sanitary and healthy. All pet waste is scooped and double-bagged in bio-degradable garbage bags and removed from your property.  Call today and schedule a visit to make your yard a clean, safe place for you and your family to enjoy year round. 

Visits      1 Dog     2 Dogs    3 Dogs

1x week           $11.00            $14.00            $17.00

2x week           $17.00            $23.00            $29.00

Bi-weekly         $16.00            $21.00            $26.00 

-     For monthly visits, or 4+ dogs, please call or email for pricing.

-     Discounts available for seniors 65+, Rescue, and Assistance dogs.

-     We will notify our customers if we notice anything unusual at their house, such as an open garage door, an outdoor

      grill that has been left on, or other potential hazards or problems. 

-    Note: Rates given are based on an average size yard. If you have a very large yard, pricing will vary accordingly.

-    New Accounts: Pricing may be slightly higher for first time cleanups depending on how long it has been since the

      yard was last cleaned.


One Time Cleanups

Pricing starts at $35.00, but will vary depending on the condition of the yard, amount of dogs, and the time it takes to clean.

Yard Odor Eliminator

We recommend using this application at least once a month to effectively reduce lingering urine and stool odor left behind by dogs.  Our deodorizer is safe to use around plants, grass, pets, and children.   $15.00 per application. 

Hard Surface Disinfectant Application

Great for kennels, dog pens, patios, and walkways. Disinfecting these areas help reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause your dog or family to become ill. Starting at $20.00 per application.  (Each application is per gallon which disinfects approximately 300 Sq. Ft.) 

Commercial Services

Want to improve the quality of your property and make it more appealing for current and future residents?  Well, we here at Coastal Canine Pet Waste Removal we also service HOA’s, Dog & Municipal Parks, Apartment Complexes, Kennels, and many other commercial properties.  Please call or email us for a free onsite consultation and estimate.