Coastal Canine

 Pet Waste Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed?

Coastal Canine Pet Waste Removal will send invoices monthly via regular mail or e-mail.  Monthly billing is our preferred payment plan, but we can accommodate weekly payments if needed.Checks and cash are accepted.  You can also pay by Credit Card online via our website through PayPal or at time of service. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover is accepted)

Is my personal information safe?

Your information is never shared with anyone and PayPal is a secured payment site that has a automatic fraud screening and a Seller Protection Policy that helps keep our business and its customers safe.

Do we have a customer referral program?

Yes, for every new customer that you refer, you will receive one free week of regular service.  Just have the new customer reference your name and Coastal Canine will automatically credit your account.

How often does Coastal Canine provide service to my area or commercial property?

Most customers use our service once to twice a week; however, we do offer other service schedules depending on your needs. Please contact us for further details. We also work year-round but do allow our customers to put service on hold for as long as needed.

Do we work on Holidays?

We try our best to spend time with our families during the holidays, so should your service fall on a scheduled holiday, we will usually come the day before or after to clean up.

Do we work during inclimate weather?

Coastal Canine will work in most all cases of weather although some weather may pose as a safety hazard or make it difficult for us to effectively scoop up your waste.  We will render services a short time thereafter to prevent excessive accumulation.

Can we work with your dog(s) in the yard?

Absolutely!  We love your animals as our own, but if your dog is not good with strangers or is aggressive and will not allow us to clean your yard, we ask that you confine your dog until our service has been completed.

How do I cancel my service or a reschedule a service date?

We do not require contracts so if for any reason you are unhappy with our service, you can contact us to cancel service at any time and we will only bill you for the services that were performed.  If you would just like to cancel a service date for any reason or reschedule, we request that you notify us via email or phone at least 24 hrs. In advance so we can credit your account.

Can I request a certain day for service?

We do work off of a scheduled route each day but will try our best to accommodate your needs and will discuss your options during sign up.  

Will you cleanup other animal wastes besides dogs?

In most all cases, yes.  We will try our best to keep any kind of poop off of your lawn or common areas.

How can I maximize your services?

Coastal Canine Pet Waste Removal is committed to providing excellent and thorough service; however, there are some variables that can hinder our results. 

-     Follow the basic guidelines below to ensure superior results.

-     Keep grass trimmed and cut.  When grass gets too long, the waste can fall into it and underneath and could

      possibly be missed.

-     Keep leaves to a minimum as they can easily disguise waste to be removed.

-     Keep yard debris also to a minimum.  If we cannot get to it, we can’t scoop it.

-     Please make sure you gate is available for entry on your scheduled service date.