Coastal Canine

 Pet Waste Removal

     The American Pet association estimates that this country's seventy-one million pet dogs produce over 4.4 billion pounds of waste per year.  Dog feces does not provide any benefit to the soil nor does it act as a fertilizer.  When it breaks down, it leaves toxins in the ground which are harmful to other animals, humans and the environment. Dog feces may contain parvovirus, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, and threadworms.  If not disposed of properly, these parasites will contaminate the water, soil, and can even cause infection in both pets and humans (especially children). According to the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, children run the greatest risk of infection because they're prone to play in the dirt at the playground or park and then put their hands in their mouths or rub their eyes with their hands.  Also,dog feces are as high as 3rd on the list of contributors to contaminated water.  When left unattended, the rain washes the waste into our storm drains polluting our ground water affecting it with harmful bacteria.        "So give yourself a break and let our business handle all of your dogs business."

     Coastal Canine is a Pet Waste Removal business servicing the Wilmington, N.C. area.  Our business is dedicated to making life easier and healthier for dog owners by cleaning up and removing dog waste from yards, dog runs and kennels.  We provide a very high level of quality service through courtesy, reliability, and thoroughness.